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Together we R strong. We can change the world if we want. Nothing’s impossible!
There R so many endangered animals, threatened by humans. First of all, u have to know that in Africa, over 100 elephants R killed everyday! EVERYDAY! Currently, the biggest black market is in Thailand, where they sell ivory. More and more elephants disappear so the organization WWF has started a petiton to convince Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra to stop that cruel poaching and to forbid it . Over 530.000 people already signed the petiton for saving elephants’ lives but we need more. Only 2 days left till WWF will hand it over to the Thai prime minister!
It’s up to you now! Share this post on ur Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or another account and don’t forget to SIGN THE PETITION! It’s just one click -maybe 1 click to freedom! ThankYou&utm_campaign=Wildtiermafia stoppen

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